International Call Forwarding Service

With the International Call Forwarding Service, customer can simply forward the calls to an overseas fixedline or mobile number, which can reduce your international roaming cost, without any monthly fees, plus function with the Hong Kong Ringback Tone service for FREE. Simply download our App to save your high amount international roaming charge now .


View our ICF’s rate, please click here.

Valuable Feature

  • Instant registration
  • Instantly recharge with secure payment method – Octopus© and PayPal©
  • Forward your calls to overseas fixedline phone, mobile phone
  • Hong Kong Ringback Tone
  • Caller ID Display** for most popular destination number
  • Access anytime, anywhere with our App

Competitive Rate*

  • No monthly fees
  • No hidden fees
  • Charge based on per minutes consumption


  • No Contract
  • No monthly minimum commitment

*  Rate may vary without notice, please refer to the latest rates from “IDD 1615 CMS” App.
** Caller ID may not work on some destination number, it is rely on the limitation of the overseas Carrier.