Callback Service is a smart technology of making low-cost international calls by connecting two calls together.

In order to use our callback service, customer should enter both Caller and Callee number into our App, caller would simply wait for the ring back from our system, usually just a few seconds. Then you just pick up the phone and hear a prompt message of connecting to your require callee (destination) number.


  • Instant registration
  • Instantly recharge with secure payment method – Octopus© and PayPal©
  • We can callback you anywhere in the world
  • Perfect for pre-paid mobile customers or travellers
  • Access anytime, anywhere with our App
  • Connect 300+ countries destination worldwide

Competitive Rate

  • Avoid high cost international or roaming charges
  • No hidden fees


  • No Contract
  • No monthly minimum commitment

Make call from anywhere in the world

1) Place call* from App

Enter both Caller Localphone number and Destination number in our App with international country prefix.

2) Answer the Ring Back call

Our system will call back to your Caller Localphone number as provided in previous step.

3) Enjoy your call

Wait and enjoy the call to be connected with your friends

* Call can be made, upon Credit Balance in the account.